Thursday, January 17, 2019

Equine Professionals Must Have Liability Protection

Anyone who has been in close proximity to a horse knows how large and powerful they are. In addition to their size, horses can be unpredictable even though they are well-trained and have never caused a problem. The fact that anyone can be seriously hurt while handling or riding a horse is the reason trainers must carry equine liability insurance.

While equine professionals typically require their clients to sign a contract that is intended to protect them from lawsuits resulting from accidental injury involving horses, these agreements often do not hold up in court. Stable owners and horse trainers are always at risk of being held responsible for unavoidable accidents causing injury to their clients. Just one incident that results in serious injury and a lawsuit can end the career of a talented trainer or responsible stable owner.

Equine related sports such as riding, carriage driving and showing are usually safe and enjoyable. Horse owners typically understand the risks they are taking when working with large and powerful animals, and they are wise to seek professional help when needed. A high percentage of equine professionals are able to successfully train a horse to fit the needs of their clients. Once the training of the animal is complete, most trainers will also give lessons to the owner to ensure the training is appropriate for the horse and rider.

Stable owners may be even more at risk of being sued by their clients since there are many variables in how people handle their horses. A list of stable rules is usually posted in the stable, but not every rule is strictly followed. While it is important for boarding stables to be family friendly, it is also essential that children are closely supervised by their parents. Kids can wander into unsafe areas which means they can be injured, and this situation can easily result in a lawsuit.

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