Saturday, September 14, 2019

Being the Best Birthing Partner

Giving birth can be an overwhelming and scary experience for a mother. Having someone there with her can be a help, especially if they are a voice for her when she is in labor. Whether it is her partner or a doula tampa, here are things you can do to make her experience easier.

Make a Plan
When Mom is nearing the end of pregnancy, sit down and discuss what she wants in the delivery room. If the physicians or nurses stray from what her desires are, speak up and express her needs for her. Write down what medical procedures she wishes to have, such as pain medication. Get a list of people to contact when the baby arrives.

Be Ready
Just like the pregnant woman you are assisting, you need to have a bag for the hospital. You will want to have a change of clothes, something to drink and things to eat. She might be in labor for just a short while or it may take hours. Being uncomfortable will take away from the attention you should be giving to her. If you get nauseated easily, you will want to have something on hand to settle your stomach.

Be Attentive
To be the best partner to Mom, you need to be present for her. When she goes into labor, you need to plan to remain at her through the entire experience. Call into work and tell them you will be gone and limit your plans around her due date. Find out what works best to alleviate her pain and offer to comfort her. This can range from giving her a massage to helping her with a bath or shower if she thinks it will soothe her. If she wants to be left alone, stay by her side to keep her company if she needs you.

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