Friday, April 16, 2021

Lola Remedios to the Rescue

These days, getting sick is a major no-no! With the ongoing pandemic, we all need to be extra careful and be healthy all the time. However, with all the stress, pollution, lifestyle and the treat of the virus, we can never really avoid feeling under the weather at some point.

Thankfully, eating healthy food, getting enough sleep and exercise, and drinking our daily vitamins and supplements or vitamins can greatly help us in achieving a body that can withstand life's stressful situations. Being stuck in the house with only limited activity most of the times can also affect our health. Sitting down holding our phones and tablets, can make our muscles stiff. Oh I know that because I am experiencing that quite a lot because I am working from home. Not only it can make me sluggish but gives me frequent body aches.

One truly amazing product that is making waves is LOLA REMEDIOS. It is a food supplement syrup that is ready to drink and only costs P 10 pesos that can be bought in groceries, pharmacies (Mercury Drug, Watsons) and suking tindahan (neighborhood stores).

Though it is not a medicine and have no therapeutic claims, many can attest that simply drinking it regularly can help ease their body heaviness, simple colds, and over all body aches. A friend of mine has been telling me to give it a try when the time comes that I don't feel well or having that "Mabigat na pakiramdam ngunit wala namang sakit" feeling because it works wonders to her. 

With all the natural ingredients like honey, ginger, mint, clove and fennel, surely it will  gently soothe our body and help it recuperate.

Honey -antiviral
Ginger - anti-imflammatory
Mint - Decongestant
Clove - Analgesic
Fennel - Antitussive
I know I have to give it a try when the need arises. For now, I am keeping a good stock of Lola Remedios in our house and will also give some to my relatives. 

So.. if you are feeling under the weather.. Lola Remedios can be the rescue we all need to have. Just like the magic touch of our grandmas (haplos ni lola) that brings comfort. Now, I can have this first instead of taking a medicine right a way. In fact, products with natural ingredients will always be a bonus! Thanks Lola Remedios! 

Just a precaution: It is only recommended for adults but not to be taken by pregnant women or those that are allergic to menthol. 

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