Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Cheap Forms of Entertainment at Home

Clearly, everyone should have some sort of a hobby, pastime or something to keep us entertained after a hard days work or study. Playing musical instrument, gardening, cooking, dancing, crocheting, sports activities or playing games are just some of the things that can preoccupy our extra time or refresh our minds from our somewhat routine activity.

While growing up, my siblings and I play outside our home most of the times. Climbing the trees, playing local physical fun games and playing with our toys/dolls kept us amused during our weekends.  Those days are so much fun and it gives me a chuckle and warms my heart every time I reminisce my childhood.  As time passed by and the world progresses, modern technology unfolds in front of my eyes. I remember playing games on our Family computer where Super Mario bros. is a super hit that time.  Even those handheld game consoles didn’t escape the gaming mode in me. Every kid and even adults became crazy over them, yay! I know you do too!

And then, cellular phones came out where you can play “Snake” and other seemingly entertaining old school games. Yet again, mobile phones came up with more exciting games in sequence to the development of newer and advanced models. Candy crush (haha) was one of the few games that kept me entertained whilst trying to keep my mind off work.

As soon as the world of the Internet came about, heaps of online games sprouted like mushroom and that kept every gamer more excited than usual. Now, we have no more reason not to be entertained if we are feeling a little bored with life.

When the pandemic strikes all over the world, majority of us are stuck in our house and that situation alone made many of us stressed. Apart from that, many restrictions of going out and many jobs/businesses are lost. It is understandable that many of us feel mixed emotions during these days, but we can always battle it by doing things that can make us still sane. I’m not surprised anymore when I saw online gamers grew in numbers because my nieces and nephews also jumped in the bandwagon.

I even tried my hand to become gardener, baker and even a vlogger and these kept me busy for a while during the pandemic.

Keeping my hands full and dirty while gardening. This is actually relaxing.

Banana bread that I baked that needs some more tweaking.

I was also tempted to check out more online games at Plays.org, especially now that I work from home. Days are not complete without taking a break by browsing my soc med accounts and playing online games from time to time.I have tried some of the free online games and this far is my fave at the moment, The Fight Virus COVID-19 Hospital Simulation Game

At first, I immediately went game-over but the more I play the game, the more it gets exciting. It is actually a hospital simulation game where a player will act out as doctors and nurses inside a hospital.  The COVID-19 virus must be prevented to spread and when it overloads the game will be over.

I got excited and on my toes especially when the viruses multiplies so much that I wasn’t able to sanitize the hospital and some patients went home carrying the virus. Haha.

The game was addictive and I need to move past so it will be not game over. These online games can be stress reliever and actually a cheap form of entertainment. There’s no doubt that I will be hooked on games as I need to check out more of the games. What about you have you played online games recently? I know that I will surely find time to give myself a break and do some recreational activity, if not I’ll be one crazy lady.

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