Sunday, January 23, 2022


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Last Dec. 13, 2021, I celebrated my 1st ARMYVERSARY - Anniversary of being an ARMY (BTS' fandom).

After recovering from COVID around September 2020 and still heartbroken fr the death of my 11-yr old dog, Youtube led me to the Ellen show on Dec 13, 2020 where they (BTS) are guests (Ellen makes 'friends' with BTS epi -2017) and I said ... oh ito pala yung BTS na naririnig ko sa mga teenagers.. 

Watched few more videos and their ON performance at the Grand Central by Jimmy Kimmel show made me hooked on them. Funny thing is that, I have to note their names and put descriptions of them so i can remember who is who hahaha.. old myself that I will only buy the Esquire magazine and that's it. Haha I was wrong.. budol is neverending pala sa fandom na ito! and now , I,'m selling pa nga bts and bt21 merch etc sa shopee haha. -

- Dynamite era ARMY -

- Jimin bias but super love all of them as they make me feel young, and happy !!!! 

- at 54, never thought that I'd be hooked admiring these 7 talented, passionate, compassionate, awesome, handsome, funny and crazy guys. Happy to have been part of this fandom.

THANKS to my army friends Aiz Carmela and Monique Azores for inviting me here and becoming my ARMY besties.. !

@teamtitajen It's my 1st ARMYversary! I'm a Dynamite era ARMY! so happy to have known these talented, passionate, compassionate, awesome funny guys! #BTS #btsarny ♬ Dynamite luv - a

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