Monday, August 15, 2022

Finding Time to Enjoy a Hobby on Spare Time

Life can be pretty demanding most of the times that we occasionally tend to forget that we all need to calm down a bit and rest. A lot of us have many responsibilities and our minds are preoccupied with our own problems and worries most especially when the pandemic started. May we all be reminded that, having a “me time” or time for ourselves are much needed to keep us healthy since all-work and no fun will make us dull and unproductive. 

As a graphic artist, content creator and entrepreneur, I have to make it sure that I allot some time for myself to relax and have some fun. I usually do some gardening on the weekends if time permits and play with my cats and dog on my breaktime as I work-from-home. Also, as a K-pop fan, I collect merch of my fave idols and join some meet-ups; -this needs a separate post as I have a lot to talk about, and of course another fave of mine is to play board and online games. Playing games is not only a way to keep us entertained or kill boring times but also helps our mind to think more and focus on reasoning and strategy. Some games are complicated that requires a lot of time to play and plan but some games are basic yet still fun and amusing. 

There are even times that I playfully compete with my niece and nephew on a game that we all fond playing. One such game is the Letter Scramble  as this game can test our vocabulary and quick thinking. Letters will appear one by one and you need to create a word out of those letters then type and submit it, then scores will be shown. I have to be fast in creating a word in my mind or else the words will file up just what you saw on the image I have posted. There are 3 levels and it’s quite exciting and interesting to play. If you play it all the time, it will hone your skills in creating words instantly. Such a fun game indeed and definitely worth a try! 

 My nephew who is a certified game addict always needs to be entertained and challenge from all the games that he is playing. From simple card game, crossword puzzles, to complicated math games, he is up to a challenge. One time I asked him to play the Pirates and Treasures to test his skills in finding hidden objects and he seemed to like it. Puzzles are always exciting to play but can be frustrating at times if you can’t solve or find the missing word or objects. 

Another game that I like to play online is the Daily Maze that I enjoy.  There are 10x10, 15x15, or 20x20 grids to choose from. Just find the path that you think is correct then connect the 2 dots and you can choose to your game difficulty. Another fun part is that you can even print the puzzle. 

 Kids can also find this game amusing and enjoyable. It’s always nice to see them play games be it online or offline as they can learn and at the same time have fun. However, we also need to guide them and set a time schedule for playtime or else they will just play all day, which kids always love to do. Also, we don’t need to buy games anymore as there are free online games that we can easily take advantage of. 

We don’t need to be a pro-gamer because as long as we enjoy our time in playing games it’s already enough. Just in case you don’t have a hobby yet on your spare time, find what will make you happy, help you learn new things and will bring out your creative skill.

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