Saturday, October 25, 2008

: Blogging in My Dreams

It is really 100%positive that blogging is really on my system now bec. how many times I have experienced dreaming of myself blogging. I saw myself desperately trying too grab an opp and hurriedly writing about the review in a fast manner so that it will not expire hahaha. The haggard look on my face is so clear as I try to maximize my thoughts and trying to squeeze 300 words outta my brain. Hahaha.

I bet you have once experienced dreaming about yourself blogging too huh? Tell me what is yours.


  1. I had dreams about blogging, watching for opps at gumagawa ng opp...LOL. Siguro dahil sa part of our every lives na ang blogging, it is planted in our systems na talaga.

  2. Opps, Rick's id naka signed in, sorry Jen...LOL.

  3. Parang may ganyan din akong panaginip pero hindi naman sa paid opps, pero related pa rin sa blogging. :)


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