Saturday, October 25, 2008

: Fab and Chic Finds

(Gasping for Air)... Ok let me breathe for a while. Ok I'm alright now, I am just a bit tired with all the works that I did for my other blog (Fan and Chic Finds). I have to change the template of it bec. it sucks big time. Fonts are not posting real well, the links are a mess and I could not put some meta tags on it so I desperately found a new one that will work just fine and so I found one.

It took me some time to return the original theme color and the widgets (it's a bit of a work mind you) but it is all alright now. I am also happy bec. some of my posts there were searchable on Google bec. i put proper keywords on them. I also have a post that was even shared by a member of a certain fan forum. I got so many hits 2 days already in that particular post and oh that is a good traffic.

I am trying to post so many informative posts there so hope you can check it out too. Take a peek at my Fab and Chic Finds blog and who knows you might get a good deal there. Ciao and Happy weekend.

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