Monday, November 3, 2008

: My Birthday Contest !:

Hey all, November is my birthday month and I will be celebrating my b-day on the 16th so I thought of having a small contest for you all. Hope you can all join since it is just pretty easy. Some of my friends also sponsored some of the prizes so that it will be more fun!

$20 from Jenny Talks
$10 from Nita's Random Thoughts
$5 from When Mom Talks
$5 from Buzzy Me
1,000 EC Credits from A Slice of Life
500 EC Credits from A Life in Bloom
500 EC Credits from Simply Me
500 EC Credits from Nita's Corner
500 EC Credits from Great Finds and Deals
500 EC Credits from Batuananons
125x125 ad spot from Thomas Web Links
125x125 ad spot from Simply Jen
$10 from My Fruitful Voyage
$5 from Moments of my Life
$5 from Blessings in Life and Nierva Dot Com
$5 and 500 EC Credits from Kitchen Deelite
500 EC Credits from Way of Life in OZ
500 EC Credits from Because Life is a Blessing
500 EC Credits from Fab & Chic Finds
500 EC Credits from Filipino Online Community
500 EC Credits from Computer Technology Gadgets
125x125 banner ad display from My Precious Niche
125x125 banner ad display from Food on the Table
$5 from Fab Finds, etc.
$5 from Just Blogging It and PRC Board Exam Results
500 EC Credits from Around HongKong
500 EC Credits from Whats Up!
500 EC Credits from Digiscraptology
700 EC Credits from My Cross Roads
500 EC Credits from Healthy Living and Lifestyle
125x125 ad spot from Thomas Travel Tales
$5 and 500 EC credits from A Mother's Horizon
1,000 EC Credits from Nierva Dot Com
500 EC Credits from This and That
500 EC Credits from Scraps & Shots
500 EC Credits from Rumination
125x125 ad spot from Erlinda's Wandering Thoughts
125x125 ad spot from Tech Stuff Plus

1. Subscribe to my feed VIA E-MAIL (form found on the right side of my blog)(1 entry and REQUIRED to be eligible to join) Don't forget to leave your e-mail address when you comment so that I will know it's you and pls. have your email verified when you subscribe. ok
2. Blog about this contest including the Prizes and Sponsors (5 entries per blog/post if you have several blogs) note: pls. don't use no-follow on links
3. Stumble, Digg, Delicious etc. this post (leave your username- 1 entry)
4. Leave a comment here. (1 entry)
5. Comment on my other posts (1 entry)
6. Technorati Fave my blog/s. My technorati Profile (1 entry each)

My Birthday Contest will run from November 3- November 30, 2008 till 8 pm (Phil. time). Winners will be chosen via and will be announced 1st week of December 2008. NOTE: Dollar ($) prizes will only be sent via paypal. So what are you waiting for? Come and join now and have fun!


  1. wow! will surely join te jen. ;) and let me be the first to greet u a happy, happy bday! :)

  2. happy birtday ate Jen!
    kailangan ko ata pag aralan na yang EC na yan, para maka-join ako sa mga ganitong contests. :)

  3. wow Ate Jen, ang daming prizes!!!


  4. Uy sali ako dyan!!!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy bday! I would be joining. Cheers!

  6. hey jen! happy birthday! thankies for inviting me to join your contest. hugs!

  7. happy birthday jen! :) thanks for inviting me to join your bday contest, i have never won anything like this in my life but it has never stopped me from joining... :) i hope i win this time! LOL! :)

  8. Happy Birthday ate Jen :)

    sali ako ha!

  9. thanks for inviting me, I'll join too! :)

    Advance Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday!!!

    Grand birthday bash eto te Jen!

  11. syempre sali ako bes! advance na rin greet ko happy birthday! hay i'm still thinking kung saan tayo sa birthday mo, think hard na rin kung san mo talaga gustong kumain ha at nang ma-imbita na ang mga isasama ko :-) take care!

  12. Hi Te Jen!

    Eto at sasali na...

    Blogged about this contest here:

    I'll be back later for the other blog entries links.... will do the other steps in time...

  13. Here is my other post:

    and I have subscribed to your feed via email too Te Jen!

  14. Subscribed and blogged about it here

    Goodluck to all the participants!

  15. Here is my 3rd post Te Jen:

    Night for now Te Jen! :)

  16. Thanks for inviting me, Jen. I-try ko ro, malay ko pa naman. I will figure out muna kong kaya ko ang required steps in order to enter...LOL. Oh, sige ha, brb ako dito for the contest. Thanks ulit for inviting me to join. Tc!

  17. hi jenny, this is th link of the post i've written about your contest

    and my stumble upon username is anefallarme... i've already "stumbled" upon your site... :)

    i hope i win! :)

  18. Happy birthday! :) syempre sali din ako dyan :) subscribed and blogged it up here

  19. Hi Happy Birthday in advance! I wish you all the best in life.
    I blogged about your birthday bash and suscribed too. Thanls for this giveaway.

  20. Hello Jenny! This is fun. I am joining...i already subscribed, digged, stumbled etc :)
    'Will give you the post url soon. hope i'll win :) Happy birthday.

  21. Faved u at techno too :)

  22. Hello Jenny! Here's the post url of the contest in my blog :)

  23. I added your contest to my contest listings.

    Blog Contest Station

    Have a good day :)

  24. Hi sis! Happy birthday!!!

    Pwedi ba akong join? hehe

    eto I blog it na:

  25. Happy Birthday and Thanks for the invite Jen :)

    Count me in :)

  26. Blogged about the contest and subscribed to your feeds already )

  27. Thanks for informing about this contest! :D

    1. Subscribe via email (wiehanne[at]gmail[dot]com)
    2. Blog it here:

    I'll come back again after completing other task.

    P.S. Should we report to you about which post do we leave comment at?

  28. Happy birthday! I joined

    Subscribed using aeirin at gmail dot com

    Blogged about this contest:

  29. this is a nice contest, I have subscribed using sherrygo at rocketmail dot com, dugg as sherrygo, delicious as sherrygo, fave as sherrygo, blog at

    will be back with more blog entries :) Happy Birthday to you Jenny.

  30. Ang saya nito Ate Jen..Fabulous ang prizes!:D

  31. uy sasali ako wait lang ! exciting ito ang haba ng listahan ng prizes heheh :)

  32. Hi jen! Count me in! :)

    -Blogged about this contest here:

    -Subscribed using iheartcontest[at]gmail[dot]com

    -I want to stumble, digg, and fave your blogs but i dont know the links.. Can you pls provide us? Thanks! :)

  33. Hi Jen,thanks for the invitation. Advance happy birthday!

    I have joined the contest and have done the follwing:

    - subscribed and it's verified already
    - posted the contest
    - then here i am leaving a comment and the url. :)
    - here's my email address:

    will come back laterz to drop commetns. :)

    i can't find ur technorati badge so i dunno how to fave u. bt i would love to.

  34. I have post on another blog

    will come again to post more :)

  35. hi bes i've blogged about your contest in these links:

    will be back for more! take care always!

  36. Hi Jen,

    It's nice to find your blog. I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday now coz I won't be here on the 16th. Hope you have a great day and wish you more wonderful years to come.

    1. Subscribed - samcj7 (at) yahoo
    2. Blog about this contest at -
    3. Stumbled as Pinay Jade
    4. Leave a comment here. (1 entry)
    5. Comment on my other posts - will try to do that these coming days when I find some free time
    6. Technorati Fave - samcj


  37. Hey all thanks for joining.. Just a reminder.. DON'T FORGET to subscribe on my feed via email to be eligible to join

  38. 1. Subscribed(sena.sagani[at]gmail[dot]com)
    (1 entry and REQUIRED to be eligible to join)

    2. Blogged:
    (5 entries per blog/post if you have several blogs)

    3. Commenting. (1 entry)

    Total: 7 entries. Thank you!

  39. hi jen.. here are my additional entries:

    -another comment :)
    -stumbleupon username: iheartcontest
    -digg username: iheartcontest
    -technorati username: dhadha (7 blogs)

    ilan na po kaya points ko? heheh! thanks! :)

    uhm, question lang po ate jen, stumbleupon = 1pt, digg = 1pt, delicious = 1pt OR stumbleupon + digg + delicious = 1pt?

  40. oh, here's the link of the stumble page:

    and the digg page:

    so that it's easy for the participants to stumble and digg your contest.. i hope it helps.. :)

  41. Dhadha,
    Thanks alot for the link to Digg and SU page! :D

    My entries:
    1. Fave on technorati - 7blogs (id: wiehanne)
    2. SU, digg, delicious (id: wiehanne)

  42. Hi Te Jen, happy birthday. Hope you'll have more birthdays to come.

    I subscribe to your feed using [pinayus27 at yahoo dot com]
    Blogged about this contest at

  43. Hi Jenny! Joining here..
    Blogged here :
    and here:
    and here:

    also subscribed email add:

    Happy Birthday!

  44. hi jenny forgot to mention that I have all your 7 blogs as sherrygo, blog at


    come back again with other blogs :)

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. hi Jenny, I just subscribed to your blog through email.

    Here's my post about your contest

    Advance Happy Birthday ulit! :)

  47. Already subscribe with my email add

    thanks Jen! Happy B-day!

    Will inform u when I've done the rest.

  48. Happy Birthdays Jen.
    Subscribed by email.
    Bloggedt at:

  49. Happy Birthday!
    I subscribed using and blogged it here

  50. Happy Birthday in advance Jen! Wow! so many prizes...Anyway, I subscribed already using my email add:
    Here's my post:
    Am sure God will surely bless you more and more..Hoping and praying that again I will win! Heheheh...
    Linked already in my list...Hope you'll do the same...

  51. hello po gd eve po napadaan lang po ako ate nakita ko lang po ung url mo po sa site na ito po.

    Wow may contest po kayo pede po ako sumali ate.

    btw happy happy birthday po sayo. more blessing to come para po sayo and have a good health ate.

  52. email i used on
    i'll already verified it.

    i'll fave you too on technorati (all your 7 blogs):

    delicious username: gandahkoh
    digg username: gandahkoh
    Stumble username: fairiezrose
    Spotback username: fairiezrose (
    Yahho Buzz Usernmae: sparklecandiez (

    blog post:

    thanks and good luck

  53. WOW! Happy birthday! :) Nice contest you have huge prizes! Sige sasali ako just for the fun of it! Ako rin I will be holding my blogversary and christmas and bday bash hahaha! November to December para mahaba hahah para ung prize sent before xmas haha. baka gusto mo sponsor? hehe :) I found you on pinay jades sites :)

  54. wow! dami pera. lol. my entries na ako Jen. subscribed to ur feeds with admin[at]jonaverslife[dot]com

    made blog posts on the following blogs:

    Beauty of Life
    Starts at Two
    Money Maker

    Anywa, advance happy birthday Jen! Good luck and God Bless always! mwahz!

  55. Hi jenny,

    I blog about your bday contest over at Can of Thoughts. And I also subscribe to your feed.

    I hope i win and happy bday.. in advance..

  56. te! blogged it here

  57. Hi! Advance happy birthday! I've subscibed to your feed using this e-mail: nanaygin at gmail dot com. Also blogged about it here.

    Wishing you a great birthday month!

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. hey all thanks for joining.. this makes me happy you know..

    just DONT FORGET to SUBSCRIBE!!! w/o it you are not eligible to join..

  60. hi Jenny, I have blog at

  61. hello po thanks for allowing me to join your contest...I'm done posting about your contest and here is the URL of my post so much

  62. I'm done na din po subscribing to your feed and I had my email verified.....The email address I used is

    I have faved all your blogs in technorati as well...

  63. Hello Te Jen! Advance Happy Birthday!!!

    I joined din!

    Subscribed with my email address:

    Posted this contest here:

  64. subscribed using xkaelumx(at)gmail(dot)net (1 entry)
    blogged at: (5 entry) (5 entry) (5 entry)
    stumble: username: xoxodale (1 entry)
    digg: username: xoxodale (1 entry)
    fave at technorati: username: xoxodale (1 entry)
    comment: 1 (1 entry)

  65. hello jen! :)
    i have joined the contest.. this is my first time to join... i hope i am doing it correctly?

    anyway, i want to wish you a happy birthday :) thanks for all the help and guidance. i thank God that there are people like you who help out newbies like me. you are a great blessing!

    i already posted your birthday bash here at my site:

  66. More entries. Post it here:

  67. subscribe +1

    Blog post +20

    Digg as blacktea +1
    vote on stumble as topen82 +1
    technorati favorite as topen82 +1

    all total entry 24 entry

    thanks alot

  68. Happy birthday! Thanks for telling me about this awesome contest. I joined already

    1. subscribed with contestlove at gmail.

    2. blogged it at Contest Love.

    3. Stumbled and Dugg as shebadoo2008.

    4. commented

    5. will comment

    6. Faved all 8 blogs as shebadoo.

    Thats it. :)

  69. subscribed to your feeds using safarisogood at gmail =]

    left a comment in this bday contest post just now =]

    all the best in your year ahead!

  70. jenny I am in bad luck, I found out that my digg account was deleted and I can't log in any more.

    Anyway I have dugg as gopinksherry

  71. - Subscribe to her feed via email (blogging****
    -Blog about the contest including the prizes and sponsors
    - Stumble, Digg, Delicious, etc. the contest post - Stumbled as Riyanne
    - Leave a comment at the contest post
    - Technorati - done as Riyanne

    Maybe you could join by Blog Extreme Makeover contest :)

  72. Posted here:

  73. Nice contest. I am working on my entries now. == internationalfreebies AT gmail DOT com

  74. I sub'd by email. == internationalfreebies AT gmail DOT com

  75. I gave you thumbs up. Same username. == internationalfreebies AT gmail DOT com

  76. Happy Birthday and I'm joining! ^_^

    digg: ferizia
    stumble: ferizia
    technorati: ferizia

    blogged about this on my blogs:
    Crissy's Library
    Crissy's Zone
    Crissy's Haven

  77. thanks for joining everyone!! Don't forget to subscribe to my FEED VIA _EMAIL..

  78. Happy Birthday JennyL!

    1. I've Subscribed (1 entry)
    bunnybox9 at lycos dot com

    2. Blogged at (5 entries per blog/post if you have several blogs) :
    (10 entries)

    3. Stumbled - ID: bunnybox9
    Dugg - ID: bunnymoney
    (2 entries)

    4. Commenting. (1 entry)

    5. Technorati Faved all 8 blogs. My technorati Profile (8 entries)

    22 entries please! :) Thanks!

    bunnybox9 at lycos. com

  79. Oh, my technorati ID: bunnybox9

  80. Subscribed!


  81. Happy! Happy Birthday!

    subscribed and confirmed the subscription!

    pinaymomorg at gmail dot com

  82. Wow! Ang saya. Ang daming sumali kaya makikisali na rin ako. I'm not too late pa naman right? :)

    Check list..

    1. I've subscribed na in your Feedburner -
    2. will blog about this in all my other blogs.. i'll be back to post the url's :)
    3. Included in my favorites in SU; username is Damsel99
    4. just left a comment in this post :)
    5. did comment already
    6. will do this later as Technorati is ahving backend issues at the moment :)

  83. Added your technorati profile in my fave. :) username is damsel

    And as promised, here are the URL posts:

    Luksong Tinik

    Travel and Arts

    Blurt it Out!

    Damsel in Distress

  84. thanks again sa mga sumali..yay I know i will have a hard time counting all your entries but this is going to be fun..

  85. I also blog at

  86. HI Jenny!!! Sali rin akoo!!! I havent forgotten about it!


    I faved ALLl your blogs at technorato! :)
    Blogged about it..
    Subscribed to your feed.

  87. Hi Jen, Happy Birthday!

    btw, count me in your mini contest.

    1. I have subscribed to your feeds and confirmed it as well. My addy:

    2. Blogged this contest in

    3. Stumbled and dugg you. My username: watashidesu

    4. Obviously, leaving you a comment now.

    5. Left a comment on your other post :

    6. Technorati faved your 8 blogs, user watashidesu

  88. hi sis! wow daming prizes! happy birthday! thanks for the invite. joined your contest na. posted it na: and

  89. I subscribed wolfmoon at

  90. hi Jenny thanks for inviting me!

    Here's my post about the contest:

    Faved you: my username is: Pinaymama

    Subscribed you using my email add

    On delicious my username is Pinaymama

    Hope I could win!!!

  91. Wow you sure know how to celebrate your birthday. Hope you have a great one. I blogged about your birthday bash here

  92. Frolich Geburztag! (Happy Birthday!) I just subscribed to your list! many blessings, Gypsy

  93. Happy Birthday Te Jen!!!

    My 4th blog post here -

  94. I have also faved all your 8 blogs at Technorati Te Jen (8 entries) - Tere77 :)

  95. i probably can't join the blogging part but i wanted to join the rest to greet u a very happy birthday! i wish u all the best in life and may all ur wishes come true!

  96. Happy Birthday Te Jen! Stay kind, be happy and live life to the fullest... each day is a blessing and a miracle! God bless!:)

  97. Happy Birthday ate! God Bless you and your family!

    stumble username:
    digged: adeth8
    faved all of your blogs! adeth8
    commented here and other posts.

  98. Hi Jenny,
    Happy Birth day,
    I want to be the sponsor of the contest.
    Please contact me through my E-mail given here.
    Thanks and best luck for the contest. :)

  99. Happy bday ate Jenny :)
    posted your contest here:

    stumble: kdayle
    subscribe: karen.bunda[at]

  100. hellos! happy bday! here is my submission:

    subscribe to feed:
    perma link to blog:
    digg: ivykiddo
    stumble: sweetiebunn
    left you a comment here :)
    will commet your other post after this :)
    faved you at technorati: ivykiddo

    have fun!

  101. Hi jen,
    I joined. My email is:

    and these are the blogs I blogged about this:
    Again, happy happy birthday!

  102. hi Jenny, I forgot to post this

    Happy Birthday to you, always be happy! :)

  103. Hi Jen,
    Happy Birthday !
    - Subscribed to feed VIA this email - 1 entry
    - Blogged about this contest at - 5 entries
    - SU (id:netbucks), Digg (id:netbucks), Delicious (id:netbucks), Reddit (id:netbucks) - 4 entries
    - Leave a comment here - 1 entry
    - Technorati Fave 8 blogs - 8 entries

  104. Thanks for joining everyone.. DON'T FORGET to verify your e-mail address or else you are not qualified. Thanks a lot!!!

  105. Happy Birthday, Jen !
    - Subscribe to RSS feed via this email
    - Blogg about this contest at
    - SU (id:erxn), Digg (id:proglife), Delicious (id:erxn)
    - Leave a comment here
    - Technorati Fave 8 blogs

  106. Hi Happy Birthday, medyo late but still hping for the prizes hahaha dami eh!
    I've already followed directions how to earn points sana tama ginawa ko. ipo post ko n po yan sa and

    my email nga pla is

  107. HI! Confirmed my email subscription ( Thanks for reminding me, must have forgotten it. c",)

  108. good to see more blogger taking part :)

  109. hi, naka receive ako ng email -> Jenny Talks

    :Updates on my B-day Contest and a Twist!

    Posted: 22 Nov 2008 04:59 AM CST
    Yay my birthday contest is almost about to end and you know what I am extremely happy that many have joined. Just in case you came here late, YOU CAN (anyone) still join bec. my contest will end on Nov. 30, 2008 8pm Phil. time.

    To give you an update there are 70 bloggers who subscribed to my feed as of this writing but only 65 are qualified to join for there are 5 e-mails still not verified. VERIFY your e-mail so you are eligible so you will not loose your chance of winning.

    I still have to count all your comments, posts etc. and I will just do that once the contest ends so I will not be too hard on me. This is gonna be exciting for sure.!! Christmas is coming and an added $$ in your pockets is a great way to have a good shopping hehe. Thank you for joining

    NOTE: I will be giving my birthday contest a little twist. You will earn extra 3 points if you will subscribe via e-mail to my FAB & CHIC FINDS blog (you can see the form on the right hand side of that blog.) Again you need to VERIFY your email subscription.

    This is a good way to increase your chance of winning. If you have done so just leave a msg and the email addy that you used here. Thank you for joining!!

    ....d pa din ba ko naka subscribe? =) thanks po!

  110. Hi. I subscribed to your blog a while ago, but can't remember if I commented here.


  111. Ok. I have subscribed to FAB AND CHIC FINDS.


  112. I subscribed to your blog and wrote about your contest here:


  113. Hi. I blogged about your contest on my frugality blog:

    I will be posting on my personal blog later today.

  114. I blogged about yor giveaway on my personal blog:


  115. Hi Te, here's what I did!

    Subscribed and verified via divainme at gmail dot com -1
    Blogged here; -5
    Technorati Fave-8 blogs=8

    Total of 15 points.

    Thanks Te:)

  116. thanks all for joining only few more days and I will pick the winners.. so watch out for it

  117. here are my entries!

    Posted At: (5 entries)

    Subscribe Using:
    ********** (1 entry)

    Stumbled Post, Username: iluvcontest (1 entry)

    Dugg Post, Username: iluvcontest (1 entry)

    Faved Blog, Username: iluvcontest (1 entry)

    Left a Comment Here (1 entry)

    thanks for this contest! looking forward next week. ^_^

  118. blogged about it here:

    subscribed via email @

    left a comment here!

    great contest!

  119. hai . happy bday ..

    i have posted po here :


    i have subscribe to your feed using

    and fave your blogs using the username "snoogumx"

    hehehe. apii bday ate!

  120. hi jen, great contest. now i can join...belated happy birthday!

    1. Subscribe to my feed VIA E-MAIL - done arlenens (at) gmail . com

    2. Blog about this contest - done at

    3. Stumble, Digg, Delicious etc. this post (leave your username- 1 entry) - will do

    4. Leave a comment here. - done now

    5. Comment on my other posts (1 entry) - will do

    all d best to all!

  121. Hi jen, just dugged this post (username: carnationzky). I also commented on your blog post about's themes.

  122. 1. Subscribe to feed VIA E-MAIL - nhc.hcmuns[at]gmail

    2. Blog about this contest

    3. Stumble, Digg - id = nhc1987

    4. Leave a comment here. - it's here :)

    5. Faved on Tech - id = nhc1987

    Total = 15 entries for me


  123. Hi Jen,

    Happy birthday
    I already subcribe using my email account :

    Stumble, dig : unidede

    Technorati : unidede

    Posting in my blog :

    And, rest i'll keep my finger cross :-D

  124. Belated happy birthday's my post to join ur contest:

    also faved you in technorati: bhemay25 and subscribed via email:

    more power!!!

  125. hi! Sali po ako here :)

    1. Subscribed (j***20@gma*
    2. Stumbled (sweetieroar)
    3. Dugg (sweetieroar)
    4. Faved all 8 (sweetieroar)
    5. Here's my comment and posted @

  126. Humahabol! Hehe! Tagal ko na na-post pero di ko lang na-leave ang links dito. ;)

    Subscribed: Email Subscription Confirmed!

    A message will be delivered to if the publisher has produced new content on that day. No new content, no email for you.

    and TECHNORATI FAVED all your 8 blogs. ;)

  127. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CONTEST CLOSED ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  128. 1. I have subscribed to your feed using (+1)

    2. Blog about the contest: (+5) (+5) (+5) (+5)

    3. DIGG: eriicka (+1)

    DELICIOUS: eriicka (+1)

    4. DONE! (+1)
    5. DONE! (just count all, ate ^o^)

    FAVED IT (+1)

    Please include me Ate Jenny. T_T

  129. ok ericka you are still qualified bec. i closed the contest at 7;08 pm but i said it wil be closed at 8 pm// habol pa kasi 737 ka nag comment


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