Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Shopping

Hello peeps, I had a very tiring Sunday bec. I went out to the mall with 2 of my teenage niece Kath and Kukay. I promised them that I will treat them after Undas so off we go to Robinson's galleria Sunday afternoon around 230 pm. It was so hot that day and I immediately got a headache upon riding the FX taxi.

We parted ways when we reached the mall bec. Kukay will have hair cut at Bench Salon. I strolled down the mall but could not found a perfect shoes and blouse for myself so I followed my nieces at the salon. Afterwards, it took us about 10 million years to decide where to eat but finally I decided we're goin to eat at Yellow Cab but oh boy, their pizza is expensive hahaha. It's my 1st time to eat there actually but it tastes good.

We circled the mall again, trying to look for something to buy but end up just buying some toiletries and other stuff. Christmas is really too near bec. of the Christmas decors being sold at the mall now. I's fun to shop but my feet is burning bec. I wore the wrong shoes and with that 2 teens in tow, i could not keep up with their energy anymore hahaha. Yay, that is the sign I am really getting old already.


  1. I love the pizza at Yellow Cab Te Jen and yes I agree it is quite expensive but I guess worth it. Though others say it is quite oily compared to other pizzas.

  2. Christmas decors have long been sold as early as September in the malls here Te Jen. I wanted to decorate as early as today but just got lazy. :)

  3. shopping I am going later need to buy eggs and bread too. Yeah cheese too!

  4. shopping!!! well, ive been wanting to do some shopping for christmas decors... but i just cant find the perfect one! im looking for one that suits my "budget"... hm.. and its kinda difficult to find one that matches mine ;)


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