Tuesday, November 4, 2008

: I Can't Wait for Fear Factor Philippines !

OK I guess by now you already know that I love Reality TV Shows. Just love the true emotions that the contestants are showing in the midst of the challenges and trials. Although for a while they can "act" in front of the camera but in the long run their true self and emotions will really show. The Amazing Race keeps be glued to the boob tube every Tues on Ch23 (it's on tonight) so I hope i can go home early.

Anyway, it's been many months now that Fear Factor is being rumored to be aired here in the Phils. and now the long wait is over and I am excited to watch it next week. Fear Factor Philippines will be aired over Ch2 on Nov. 10 and Ryan Agoncillo will host the show. Gosh, i don't like Ryan but I will still watch the show bec. I love FF. They shot the show in Argentina, South Africa and this is something to look forward to.

I remember always watching the American Fear Factor and their stunts were amazing while the contestants are really put to the test. I hope the Fear Factor Philippines can surpass it's American counterpart and hope they will not disappoint me but knowing the FF's stunts I know this is one is going to be a good show.
Just by looking at the trailer, i know I will be hooked on it. Are you going to watch the show?


  1. I like fear factor did not take part as it was held far away from here.

  2. I wish I can watch that here too. It is so difficult for me because of the time difference.


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