Wednesday, November 5, 2008

: Yen's Questions of the Week #38

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1. Are you living in a fantasy world all your own?
Hmm there are times but that fantasy world shuts off in my waking hours.

2. You’re sitting on a small rock with your 5,6,7,8 years old child in your lap, watching the blue sea together, what would you talk about?
We'll talk about nature and how we are blessed to see the beauty that God has given us.
3. If you have all the time in the world, what would you change about your life? I guess I want to be more expressive on how I feel and change some of my bad decisions.. Hay ganun talaga ang buhay sa mundo hehe
4. What is the best thing that ever happened to you this past week? Not much I guess...
5. I seldom go out without a bag in my shoulders.
6. Is there something you will never do? Oh yeah, i'll never do drugs
7. Naughty or nice…which have you been this year? Nice most and partly naughty hehe
8. How self-conscious are you? 6 points out of 10
9. Do you think photos of you capture your essence? I reckon no, I can always smile on the camera but behind those smiles are pain and emptiness chuva..
10. When I get angry,you really know I am angry bec. I talk a lot but I never throw things naman. I can still manage my anger. Talking is just my way of releasing that anger.


  1. Hi sis! Why naman.. pain and emptiness? Oh,I hope your doing fine :)

    Mine is here:

  2. i grabbed this meme from you, check my blog out soon and don't forget to leave a comment... :)


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