Wednesday, November 5, 2008

: When Was the Last Time You Cried?

Blame it on my hormones, been emotional these days, yay! I reckon ladies would agree on me that when your period comes, being moody and emotional are part of it.

Anyway, I was watching my favorite TV Show last night (Kahit Isang Saglit), airing at 10 pm, Mon.- Friday over at Ch2 and I was really hooked on it. It stars Jerico Rosales (Rocky) and Carmen Soo (garie) of Malaysia and other great artists. The story is really heartwarming about love of 2 different people of 2 different nations and culture. Ahh... Rocky was really so in love with Garie and he even flew to Malaysia just to be with her and to straighten things out.

It has action, drama, comedy and of course love story and last night I can't help but to shed a tear when Rocky was desperately asking Garie to be with her. The emotions are really there and it somewhat got me. Poor me, i saw a tear running down my cheek.. yikes.. so baduy (corny) hahaha..


  1. I agree te Jen hormonal changes during this "period" in the month makes us senti. Noon I would remember I would cry over senti songs that I would hear on the radio. Hehehe cge lang it will pass when the happy days are here!

  2. It was on last night when I watch "Money not enough 2" again. It's a Singapore movie. I laugh during the first half of the movie and can't help not to drop my tears at the second half. Second time watched it, and I still cry.

  3. I cried in my heart where nobody knows. I think I need a good cry. About movie titanic I have cried so many times

  4. It's alright to show your emotion sometimes ;) I just cried when I watched our wedding video :'( hindi ko mapigilan eh ...

  5. I nearly cried when the hacker hacked my accounts!

  6. I forgot to mention it was last Sat morning when I found out about the accounts been hacked


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