Wednesday, November 5, 2008

: Obama Wins Election

The world watched and waited for this big event that happened in America today. Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States of America. He is the 1st African- American to become the US Pres. Wow, while reading the news online, I can't help but have goosebumps, dunno why. I hope our election process will be as swift as what they have done in the US. Mc Cain was also manly enough to concede to Barrack, a sure sign of a gentleman.

Now that Obama won, I can only ask, what will be the effect on us?


  1. Yea, I'm asking the same question too. Most of the Indonesian has a lot of hope on him and took him as part of Indonesia, since he spent his childhood in this country. Well, let's see what good cause will happen :D

  2. His middle name is "Hussein"? really? anyway, i hope he'll be able to do something good to lift the economic crises in the US...

  3. It's funny coz there are some Filipnos who said, if he won they will rather go back to the Philippines. I can't wait what theie going to do now.
    although I'm sad because I'm supporting McCain

  4. yes Obama won! Can't wait to hear more of what's going to change


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