Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Lil' Christmas Tree

Wrapped gifts last night and it took me lots quite a lot of time finishing it, started at 10 pm and finished at 1 am weeh that's tiring but I had a lot of fun. This morning showed our tree with gifts under the tree to my 5 yr. old niece and she was astonished to see many gifts.

Of course, we wanted to see if she has gifts for her so she read the labels and when she see her name in it, she will blurt "yey, this is mine." Our family tradition is that we will open our gifts on the the night of the 25th after the kids went on the manuhan and the 24th. The kids are excited to ope their presents as early as today. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! More photos HERE

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  1. wow thats the great tree
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