Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Quiapo Adventure

My bestfriend RACE and I went at Quaipo last Wednesday to accompany her to buy her new digital camera. We just met at LRT station in Santolan and there we rode the LRT where it only took us 20 mins. to Recto. Pretty fast travel time compared to if we rode the bus.

It isn't my 1st time to be there so I took my friend at Henry's Store in Hidalgo and there are quite few people inside the store buying P&S or DSLR cams. (they should give me discounts already bec. I have bought my cam lens and other accessories from them and have also referred them to my friends plus I am advertising them here at may blog hehe).

Race bought a point and shoot camera (forgot the model yay!) and it was only P7K, 7.1 MP, with free 2GB memory card and battery and charger. It's already a good price. Later on I decide to take my friend at Fans Digital just to show the camera bag that I saw. She later bought a small Kani bag suited for her needs.

Afterwards we went to Divisoria, had lunch at Max's resto coz it's also her birthday on the 21st. Happy Birthday Bes!

Samples shots of her Canon P&S camera.
Inside Henry's digital store in Quiapo, using the Canon P&S cam of my friend
This is inside the Fan's Digital Shop where my bes bought her Kani camera bag

Yay Posing beside a wedding picture display at Fans Digital (wish it was me hahaha)


  1. Wow ate so you're into photography? Really nice shots! :) I didn't know they have that kind of store in Quiapo. I should have gone there before we left. :(

  2. Gusto ko rin bumili ng bagong camera, hanapin ko nga yan, makapag canvas haha. Dapat nga bigyan ka ng discount, ina-advertise mo eh. :)

  3. nakaka miss ang Quiapo! :) ganda ng shots nyo :)

  4. @ Eden.. oo daming camera shops doon sa HIDALGO
    @ AMor..oo nga dapat may discount na ko don hehe
    @Faye.. pag uwi mo punta ka Quiapo at Divi

  5. wowo nice shopping...marmi dn pla sa quiapo shops ng mga ganyang item =)

  6. quiapo is one of my favorite places in manila but i've never ventured into the photography shops there! i have to do that next time! :)

  7. need to put quiapo on my next manila excited to visit the camera shops. thanks ms. jen

  8. Ate Jen, may isa pang camera store sa Hidalgo.. I forgot the name eh. Hehe

  9. I've been to that Church:) Ang tagal na din! Ang sarap bumili ng gadgets no? :) Happy New Year,Te!


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