Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Movie Date

Watched a movie with my niece last Jan. 2 since it was still a holiday. Thought of watching an MFF film to make us laugh for the new year. Picked Tanging Ina sequel but I was disappointed. Although it made me laugh on some few comedic lines but I found it real corny. Oh well I was corny at first for choosing to watch it haha. Anyway, I didn't enjoy the movie and keep on wonderin' why a girl on our back keeps on laughing eventhough the scene is just plain corny.. haha maybe mababaw ang kaligayahan. hehe

Anyway, after the movie, we went strolling and i bought a shirt. There are lots of sale still at the malls, items not sold during the holidays. We also had hot coffee starbucks since it was cold inside the theater (I am guessing there are only about 15 people watching that time)
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