Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scrapping Marathon

I reckon you're already thinking what keeps me busy these days because I have not been blogging much. My mojo is finally back since December and right now, I am busy digital scrapbooking. I have finished one 8x8 (20 pages -actually 22 LO's) Photobook for myself and have printed it already at ARTSCOW last Sunday and I am so excited already to receive it. I hope my photobook will turn out great. I got my inspiration from my co-scrappers Aggie and Diane.

Right now, I have started another photobook, much simpler than a scrapped layout, this time it;s a magazine style where there are no elements or papers used. I am making one for my niece and with my mojo flowing, i hope I can finish it this month so I can make another one. Yay, that is eating my time but it's ok bec. I am very productive.

Here's a sample of my layout for my photobook which is currently on printing.. Click image for a bigger view and for more layouts and credits.
Christmas Eve


  1. hi! maganda b sa artscow? nag le lay out dn b sila o printing lang? kasi meron dn isang refered site sa muliply http://digitalprinting.multiply.com/
    me free lay out n dn...d kasi ako magaling mag scrapbook, ita try ko plng...san k kumukuha ng raw material? do you buy it? hmmm i want to learn this one hehe =) and makahanap ng cheap n mapag piprintan =) tnx

  2. Hi Jen, nice LO. btw, can i have a glimpse of the photobook na sinasabi mo? i think it sounds cool pero ala akong idea kung ano na ang itsura pagkatapos ma print....will it be like an album pa rin ng non digital photos?

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  4. @ ARLENE eto ang sample ng photobook.. pwede silang printing lang at i think meron na silang feature na you upload ur photos then choose ka ng background nila na parang srcap like.

    here's a sample of photobook.. yung akin in printing pa eh..

  5. @ JES hi Jes, you're in to scrapping din pala eh.. oo madami ng nagpapaprint na friend ko sa artscow, mura at may mga free credits pa yung una kong photobook na pinagawa (d pa dumadating) eh free shipping yon so mura.... pls use my referral no.http://www.artscow.com/?Ref=499700 pag mag try ka ha.. pag dumating na photobok ko I will share it sa blog ko anf feed back ko..

    Most of the materials I used are freebies but sometimes I buy kits too pag maganda at mura

  6. That's a really nice digiscrap. It's addictive, Im starting it myself.

  7. hi Jenny come grab your award http://iluvcontest.blogspot.com/2009/01/iluvcontest-received-triple-awards.html


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