Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jommy Wins PInoy Fear Factor!!

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JOMMY TEOTICO won at ABS-CBN’s “Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America” last night Friday, February 20. He is now the called the El Ultimo Participante after beating all other 11 participantes. He won P2M , house and lot and of course more opportunities will come his way (maybe modeling or artist).

I was really religiously watching every episode of this since late last year so I have seen all their struggles and determination in conquering their fears. Their challenges are really hard esp. the physical ones. I give good credits for Janna as well who fought till the end with Jommy. She has shown so much determination even beating super Manuel and other guys.

BTW, the last challenge required them to drive a car over a ramp (that will explode) and they need to have it flip over. The participant that will have his car go the farthest will win. It was a tense moment for all and when Jommy was declared the winner, he was so happy while Janna was into tears.

Anyway, they smashed a car in the challenge so I guess the Argentines or the crew signed up for an auto insurance quote no personal information for that. hehe. CONGRATS JOMMY, you deserve it!!

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