Saturday, February 21, 2009

Project 365: Online Window Shopping

Project 365: After Crying
Gosh my 5 yr. old niece Reign cried during lunch time yesterday bec. she was being scolded by her mom for she doesn't want it eat. All she wanted was to drink Coke but of course we don't want to give one to her bec. she has an empty stomach. Dunno but she is so hard headed to the point that her mom already lost patience over her.

Anyway, after almost an hour of crying, she stopped (napagod siguro) so I came to the rescue to kinda cheer her up. I told her we'll go online window shopping for toys. There she saw that BABY ALIVE and her eyes lit up (hmm.. i have taken than photo). Although her aunt JOYd already gave her baby alive last Christmas she still wants one.. you know kids always want all

She also wants me to buy her life size Barbie doll house but I told her she needs to eat and be good. As if I will really buy her one (Kala mo naman ibibili ko talaga sya) lol. Oh well, I guess i just have to ask one of my sisters abroad to give her one when they will come home for a vacation, I know this isn't too much to put in their luggage as a gift for her.

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