Tuesday, March 3, 2009

After 25 Long Years....

I was a bit shocked and so happy yesterday afternoon bec. around 4 pm there was a lady coming inside my store. I looked at her and immediately recognized her face and the 1st thing that I blurted out loud was her name!!!

It was Lourdes, my friend and one of my buddy buddy way back in 4th yr. highschool. Although we have sent text several times, it is our 1st time that we saw each other after 25 long years and it is really good to see her!! After that never ending stories where exchanged among us, just imagine the endless chit chat that we have.

I showed her photos and encouraged her to attend meetings or gatherings of our highschool batch bec. I told her she should not miss the fun! We were like highschool while we are talking bec. we also reminisce our crushes lol! I am just too stupid not to take photos of us together bec. it slipped my mind.. gosh.

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