Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby No More

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Got this photo from my Sis JoyD's flickr account. Bianca has grown so fast that these days her said she is into Barbie dolls and other girly girly play already. She also turned 4 last Feb 21 (Happy Birthday sweet Bianca!) and there's no doubt that is no longer any baby anymore. In fact, my sis removed the baby bedding and her cot last year that she is sleeping in her bigger bed now.

I remember when she was born I was there in Sydney so I saw her in her few days after being born. She is a very sweet and she sleeps most of the times w/o any hassle and now that she has grown already her mom told me that there are times she doesn't want to get a nap in the

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  1. this is a nice toy nmn...lki ng doll house =) i love
    joyd's kids they're lovely =)


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