Sunday, March 1, 2009

PC Clean Up

PROJ. 365: Computer Clean Up
It's Clean Up day for me last Friday. Every now and then I try to "clean" the computers for rent here at my net cafe. I usually delete files and even programs that customers installed ( i don't allow it but they sneak sometimes) . I also update antivirus, check for malwares etc. but most of the times they still ends up being infected.

I also checked for not working headsets or wires etc. Some customers just don't care, some try to change settings, make vandalism etc. it's hard to look after what they are doing. There is also instances that I ask customers to stop opening porno sites bec. it's a public place and my lil nephews and nieces are just near buy. I also tried to REFORMAT one of the pc, bec. it is soooo slow eventhough it is virus free, I did it successfully but failed to reconnect it to the network. That gives me a headache so I sent it to a technician friend.

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