Friday, April 3, 2009

Her Dreams

My niece Kathleen found her passion as it seems. With her interest in watching movies and co-directing plays in their highschool extra curricular activities, that lead her to the University of the Phils. . She is currently on her 2nd year taking up Film and with the looks of it she is enjoying and loving her chosen course more bec. she’s getting good grades.

She dreamed of becoming a director/screenwriter/producer and her ultimate dream is owning a production company. A very ambitious vision but I know with sheer determination and perseverance she’ll make it in the future. All we can do right now is to support her on her endeavors. Actually I didn’t have a hint that she ever dreamed of this not until she stepped into college. I hope she’ll be able to achieve all her goals when the right time comes for we’ll be so proud of her. She just needs to hold on to her dreams close to her heart for nothing can surpass that.

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