Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sophie and I

PROJECT 365: Sophie and I
(Forgive my unflattering way of holding our dog and my haggard look.. lol

My bro bought this cute lil dog (mixed breed of Daschund and Shih Tzu ) from a friend this month and gosh, she is sooooo sweet !!! Perfect as a pet and of course inside the house. She's only 3 months old

Every time i go home at night, I always go to my bro's place to see her and oh boy, every time she sees me, her tail keeps on wagging and she'd readily lie on her back. Funny thing is that when she sees me she can't help but to urinate bec. i guess she was so excited? LOL Love her to bits,

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  1. wow what a cute doggie we also have shih tzu, puti nmn 3 years old na heheh =) kasing laki lang ata nyan ahahah =) sweet sila at mabait!


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