Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I need to buy an External Hardrive

Wooollahhhh... I just noticed yesterday that my pc hardisk which is only 160GB is really almost full. I have tons of photos, digital scrapbooking kits, digi-scrapping layouts and oh no I need another space to fill it up. I tried to delete some old files and old photos just to accomodate to files but I can't delete the others.

I'm actually searching for external hardrives and it looks like that Western Digital is a good choice. I am eyeing their 320 GB passport essential and their passport elite EHD. I am goin to buy this weekend already bec. I have no more choice.

Care to share what external HD are you using?


  1. why don't you get the WD Passport 500GB instead?

    or better get the Passport Studio version, 500 GB, MAC ready, and can use either a USB or Firewire.

  2. Thanks Eric for that, i will try to consider that


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