Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tammy and Victor WINNERS of the Amazing RACE 14 finals/Results of Amazing Race 14

From Beijing China, they flew to Maui Hawaii for the final destination. They need to go to Beach Access 118 and carry a 145lbs heavy pig to get their next clue. All of the teams had a hard time doing this and Margie and Luke was the 1st one to finish this task. They then went to Gregor Point and drive at BOUYFIELD and find their next clue among the bouy. The next clue lead them to Surfboard Fence at Hana highway-

ROADBLOCK: Only one member of team performed this.. They need to search the surf board bearing the pictures of the 11 tasks that they have done in all of the countries they have been too. This is hard bec. they need to have a sharp memory bec. they need to put the surfboard with pictures in order.

1st one to arrive is Margie and Luke but Luke had a very hard time thinking what is the last picture that he needs to put. Jaime on the other hand forgot what is the 1st picture while Victor has done it swiftly. Luke almost gave up, in the end he showed Jaime the 1st picture and in turn Jaime showed all the pictures to Luke that is why he was able to finish this task. Luke was so disappointed over this.

FINAL RESULTS Amazing RACE 14 Finals
3. Margie and Luke-
2. Jaime and Cara
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1. Tammy and Victor
(Siblings/Lawyers)- WINNERS of the Amazing RACE 14 finals
!!!! they won $1 million

Hooray i finally finished watching this season and I can't wait for Season 15!!


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