Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ang PINAKA Amazing Tales of Survival

Finally I had time to watch one of my fave Sunday Tv Show Ang PINAKA over at QTV 11. This week they have listed the Ang PINAKA Amazing Tales of Survival

10. Kidnapping of journalist/reporter Susan Enriquez

9. Jovito Salonga surviving the bombing at Plaza Miranda
8. Kidnapping of Cory Quirino

7. Sonia Roco surviving the tragic earthquake in Baguio

6. Jussel Lenno's survival (ah sorry wasn't able to take note of this properly)

5. Nestor Mata surviving in the airplane crash where President Magsaysay died

4. Vandolf Quizon's car accidents

3. Richard Gutierrez' car crash

2. Kidnapping of Ces Drilon
1. Kidnapping and Rape of Maggie dela Riva

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