Monday, June 15, 2009

Wishing I Can Fit in this Women's Dress

I was at Greenhills about 2 or 3 weeks ago and that is one of my favorite shopping place ever since I got to know the place in the 90’s. The place is the haven for Tech gadgets (cellphones, pc, etc), >Womens Apparel
, Jewelries (lots of quality pearls) and other stuff. Every now and then I tend to buy one or 2 pieces for my own pleasure. Need to reward myself for working hard, I bet you do that too.

Anyway, I am not into wearing a dress, not sure why but I guess I am not that confident. I guess I just need to wear them everytime so that I will get used to it. Ahh.. How'd I wish I can wear that dress in the picture. I also find women so attractive when they wear eye catching Womens Dress paired with their fave shoes and attractive designer bags. It always makes my head turn to scrutinize what they are wearing, women do that a lot you .

However, there are nice Womens Dresses
at the mall and many online stores these days. Trendy and fashionable styles are coming up every time. With summer heading over at some parts of the world, more women are gearing up to wear their summer dresses, flip flops, sandals and just enjoy the weather. I can also imagine beaches flocked by vacationers.

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