Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Computer Based Training

Owning a small net café proved to be a bit challenging for me sometimes. I have a little know how when it comes to troubleshooting our computers but there are times I just want to bang my head because I can’t seem to find the problem. Good thing is that I can now reformat computers when my nephew who is taking up computer engineering taught me how. Thankfully, I saved a lot of trips to my technician and money as well for the repair fee. I guess that is how far I can go with my troubleshooting aside from removal of virus and other stuff but when it comes to parts and other trouble that is when I call the help of the professionals.

My technician is also generous in helping me out at times when I need a quick fix on computers over the phone. I am just thankful for him with his kindness and I always admire his talent when it comes to pc diagnostics and I am not quite sure what he took up to attain such expertise. Lucky for many students there is an online website like K Alliance where they offer training online about computer diagnostic tools and troubleshooting the computers. They even have variety of computer training videos with a lot of topics like IT training, Desktop Office and lots more. These videos can help hone their skills. Just recently K Alliance acquired Pro Diagnostics who over the years have been offering computer hardware diagnostics. I reckon this is a good chance for students and pc professionals to acquire more skills and expertise in this field.

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