Monday, June 15, 2009

A (H1N1) Flu Cases in Phils. Rises

A(H1N1) Flu Cases in Phils. rises and it's nearing about 200 cases like what I have heard in the news and it's kinda alarming already. It's also in the news that Jaen, Nueva Ecija where declared as "first community-level outbreak" because the DOH said there is already 11 confirmed A(H1N1)cases. Yay!!!

Now that all students are back in school, I think there will be more risk for this virus to spread. tsk tsk tsk... I hope those students who are sick should not be permitted to go to school to prevent more spread. Keep hand sanitizers and alcohols in handy and advice your kids and anyone to wash their hands more often.

Let's just hope and pray that A(H1N1) will not spread further and no more lives will be affected.

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  1. kakatakot ano pero kailangan harapin..ang hirap nga lang kase may mga eskwela tayo na maaapektuhan sa virus na yan..


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