Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deer Valley Ski Rentals

I guess it’s not that embarrassing to tell you all that I also dream of seeing a snow. Living in a tropical country all my life, I guess it’s but natural for me to somewhat have that in my mind. Though I have seen small chunks of snow on a hail storm one stormy weather in Sydney while I was there few years back, it’s not like seeing a real massive snow where I can make snowman. … hahaha.

Anyway, before I’d even continue with rant about my fervent wish to see a snow I guess it’s just fitting to just share to you where to go to do skiing if you are in the US. My online friend Cherry Rose who migrated in Utah for over a year now has shown us her 1st snow pictures and it looks so fun.

Oh, I should share about the Deer Valley Mountain Resort to her so that the next time they’ve planned on skiing she’ll already have a place to go. Aside from that Ski Butlers have deer valley ski rentals as well as snow board rentals. What makes it convenient is that their technicians can go in your house to custom fit you and that saves you from hassle on the rental line. I know it’ll be a perfect snow experience for her family. You can check them out too and it’s never too early to reserve.

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