Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keeping Alcohol and Sanitizers Handy

With the recent outbreak of A(H1N1) Flu Cases in the Phils, we really never be sure when we will hit one of us. All of us have different immune system so we better be sure by keeping alcohol or sanitizers in handy. Cases have gone up from 200 to almost 250 in just a matter of days and is it already a cause to be alarmed? Although DOH (Dept of Health) did not advice to wear mask yet bt I guess if you are going to a very crowded place it can help for sure.

Yesterday one of my customer, sneeezed in front of me without even covering her mouth. Oh gosh and that is so disgusting and simply NASTY!!! She said sorry but hey she's spreding her germs on me. She needs to learn how to cover her mouth.. !!

Anyway, I hope we'll all be safe.

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