Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to Recover Deleted Files on PC?

My sister-in-law was looking for her daughter's pictures in my other computer and I told her it was on the D section since I already moved the files. She patiently looked for it but she can't seem to find it. I was not contented so I took the turns of looking for it but to my dismay it was really not there! Oh no !!! I thought I have placed it in there when I reformatted the pc because of a virus.

Wahhh... I guess I must have deleted it and it's my fault. I think it was over thousands of photos in there that was gone.. !! Aggie told me that there is a way to recover it and she will still ask her husband about it.

If you also have a way on How to Recover Deleted Files on PC then please tell me so. Thank you.

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