Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Typhoon Feria is Here: No Classes

I watching the news late last night and it was already announced that NCR Manila is already Signal No. 2 and also the CALABARZON provinces and that includes our province. I just this morning around 5:30 am, DEP_ED also announced that there's no classes on pre-school, elementary and highschool levels.

My nephew is not convinced yet so we tuned into watching TV and the news and it was clear that if:
SIGNAL NO. 1 - pre-school no classes
SIGNAL NO. 2 - no classes for pre-school, elem, and h-school
SIGNAL NO. 3 - all levels no classes.

I guess some of the students are rejoicing again .. little did they know that they will pay for the days that there's no classes. Meaning they will have extra days on Saturdays or their school year will extend till April.


  1. Hi Jen,

    I saw in the news nga na its raining cats and dogs there... and u know what first came to my mind... How i long for the rain (bad ko ba??) scorching hot kasi dito sa Dubai ngayon..summer season eh.

    Well, during cold season nothing beats a good 'ol hot choco with marshmallows plus hugsies from hubby, ayt??

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!

  2. hi Darly hhehe.. well can't blame you kainis din kasi pag mainit ano.... Well guess what.. dito sa place namin d naman masyadong umulan kaya sayang walang pasok today.

    sabi ng PAG_ASA mga 8pm darating malakas si Feria pero eto 10 pm na ambon lang. Pero in fairness mahirap ngang i predict kung uulan talaga ng malakas.. ats aka siguro sa ibang parts ng bansa eh malakas ulan..

    Thanks for the visit



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