Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mom's Mini-Project

Mom has started her mini-project at our home together with our househelp a week ago and knowing my mom she’d not rest not until she finally finishes it that day. She was manning our helper to fix the old cabinets and other furniture that we have. She’s been meaning to have it fixed for the longest time and finally it was done and she was very happy with the result. Just last Sunday when I came home, I saw them putting some nice shelves on the kitchen where we can put all the spices and seasonings while cooking. The outcome was nice because the cooking spices where easy to reach already. Thanks to my mom’s ingenuity.

I guess if dad is still alive, I know he’d not let mom do the manning and thinking. Anyway, like I told you, my mom will not stop not until all her mini projects are all done and I overheard she’s going to have our rain gutter cleaned and fixed next weekend. I will not wonder anymore if my mom would have our windows fixed as well next time. I just hope the workers that she’d get would be as professional and offers quality work like what Central Scotland Joinery is offering. Aside from installing double glazing windows, they also do glazing on doors and conservatories.

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