Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Warning: Don't Buy Fake Shampoos from Walk-In Vendors

I overheard at my brother that there is a man selling shampoo at them for a lower price. The man said it was an excess delivery so they are disposing them. You know me, I have a strong intuition, I told them NOT to buy it because for sure it was a scam and the shampoo is diluted with water already that is why they are selling it for a lower price.

My bro. said it was neatly packed in plastic but I told them of course they will do that so that you will not speculate. They did NOT listen to my warning so they bought the bottle of Rejoice and Head and Shoulders shampoo for P40 each (at grocery it was about P65). My SIL got 6 bottles, our 2 technicians bought 6 bottles as well = 18 bottles all = P720
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I saw my SIL paid the man and he looks so suspicions bec. he walks so fast after he got the money. After that they opened the shampoo and true enough it was diluted with water !!! (malabnaw). I was so angry at my SIL and blamed them for buying. They did not listen to me so they became victims of another nasty Modus Operandi. Now they don't want to use the shampoo bec. they are afraid that they will loose their hair..LOL

So guys be careful and don't trust anyone so easily!!


  1. i-try nila muna sa aso or sa pusa. pag di nalagas balahibo nila then they can use it. just use more amount than usual para umepek. hehe.

  2. hahahaha good idea yan Che.. LOL

  3. hi ate jen,good day..hope all is well ate...ang tagal ko na di naka visit dito..ang dami na tlaga scam sa atin.kakainis..

  4. naku.. same thing happened to my dad's secretary. it was a Dove 2 in 1 shampoo. ang dami fake items ngayon you cant really tell if its the real thing or immitation. sana lang wag malagas yung buhok nya while using it. haha. thanks for this blog!


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