Friday, July 24, 2009

Christmas in July !!

PROJECT 365: Christmas in July
I guess you might have noticed that my blog is into Christmas mode lately .. LOL. I just want to gear you up and make you excited for the Holidays that's why.

Kidding aside, I saw my niece Reign working something on the other computer the other day and when I peeped in her monitor, I saw her making a Christmas tree. I didn't bother her that time so she can finish what she was doing. I sneaked to get my camera to take photos of her but as soon as she saw the camera she told me not to take photo of her, thus resulting to the blurry photo above. I asked her why she all of a sudden made a Christmas drawing and she didn't answer. Maybe she saw it on cartoons that she is watching. Merry Christmas everyone .. LOL
PROJECT 365: Christmas in July

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