Monday, July 27, 2009

Have You Watched the The Michael Jackson Story on TV?

I wanted to watch desperately the The Michael Jackson Story last night (Sunday) that was shown on Channel 2 almost midnight but I was too sleepy already. I tried to keep myself awake in our living room so that I will not miss it. When the show started at about 11:15 pm, I hurriedly went to my bed to watch it but oh goodness me, once in a while I found myself sleeping. Funny thing is that I even slapped my face just to wake myself up but it was of no use. The cool rainy weather and my bed were so conducive for sleeping. Eventhough I really wanted to watch it, I just opted to just close the TV.

Too bad, I only watched the 1st few minutes of the documentary because I went to sleep already. My mom was able to watch it till 2 am. I told her that I will just buy a CD of that so that I can still watch it.

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