Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

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There are times that I feel like I am just unlucky in so many ways. It had me thinking for a while how and why it is happening to me.

Frustrated that I am but thought that I don't need get drowned in that negative vibe. Sure we all get frustrated and at some point when we want something to come or happen it just don't want to come. There are times when we can feel down or blue but little did we know some things are not happening because it was not meant to be. What are we going to do? We wait.. wait.. wait...

I feel like waiting is just too long... I just can't do it... a window closes... but hey I can see a beam peeping and a ray of light shining through another window. I see another hope!

I am relieved, I can breathe now. Now I am overwhelmed.. God truly loves me because I wait. Now blessings are pouring in. I am all open arms to embrace it. Thank you Lord.! "Really, Good Things Come to Those Who Wait"

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