Saturday, July 18, 2009

Next House Project

One of the most used rooms in our house is bathroom and sad to say that is one place that is hard to clean and maintain. Talk about some housemate that is not keen in keeping that place more comfortable but I know someone who is so obsessive on cleaning this area that she sometimes go overboard. She wants no stain at all! It’s impossible but she’ll never get tired of keeping it dry and sparkling clean.

Anyway, if I had my way around the house, I’ll definitely take charge of renovating it since for the time being it seems it has been neglected for a while. Bathroom fixtures are getting modern each day and it’ll be great to have ours renovated and updated. From the water faucets, mirrors and other accessories, if I can replace it a.s.a.p then I’ll do it. Our tiles have been stained and how unsightly it is too see. With my desire to have our bathroom get a much needed lift I’ve found some nice fixtures at better bathrooms .

Just looking over their site, I already had great ideas and far more than that they have a clearance sale goin’ on their site right now. I have been to quite a few of hotels when we travel and I always enjoy when they have comfortable and wide spaced bathrooms. The bath tub and the modern shower systems add to my excitement.

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