Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy to Have Internet At Home Now

My work requires me to be online most of my waking hours. I clearly remember the days way back in 1998 when the Internet is just booming here in our place. I have no computer back then much more so I was so curious to know what the Internet looks like and how it can help me in many ways. I even have to chuckle every time I think about the times I asked my sister Joy on how she did managed to attach her resume using her e-mail. Silly me, I thought the papers were literally sent via electronic means. Little did I know, she had her papers scanned and ‘attach’ as file documents on her e-mail. That only shows how I am slowly learning my way on how Internet works. Little by little I was exposed to the net and I was in awe when I learned to use the chat room. Amazing, I uttered while I enjoy talking to my what it seems to me an already expert chat Chat lingos are pretty amusing from LOL, BRB, ASL.. abbreviations are endless.

Not long after I had my very 1st pc which we got and the connection back then was still dial up. Nothing to compare, that connection was like heaven sent as I was drawn more into the world of worldwideweb. There are times that I was disconnected because someone picked up the phone while I was surfing and that made me furious hahaha. Funny to remember but technology has developed further that cable internet connections become available. More surfing times and eventually I opened my internet cafĂ© which is until now open. 

My dreams of being online at the comforts of my home finally came true just last month, would you believe that? I should have had it long time ago.

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