Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Little Treat To Myself

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Been spending most of my times blogging and working so hard and I guess it's but good to treat myself sometimes since I deserve it anyway. My online friend FAYE, got some nice stuff on her flickr and at her blog. My friends and I were all feasting to see her items for sale.

From Coach bags, wallets, Fossil watches and more how can I resist not to buy one? Without further thinking I bought this nice DKNY watch at nice low price and Faye sent it from the US to here. Happy with my purchase, I already used it last weekend. I am still waiting for the bag that I ordered, hopefully this 2nd or 3rd of July it will be in my hands already.

Check out Faye's for sale goodies HERE.

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  1. My eyes are also feasting over her products! Its so nice, but I need to earn more :)


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