Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello Kitty Shoes for My Niece

Ahh my 6 yr. old niece whom I called a little Imelda Marcos had a nice shoes once again to go to her shoe and slippers collection. Her mom bought this pink Hello Kitty shoes at SM about 2 weeks ago because she'll use it for her dance performance. Fortunately this was on sale that's why she got it.

She was actually too picky about shoes and slippers and most of the times she'll be the one to pick the design that she like and most of the times she will get what she wanted. I can't actually count how many shoes she has now. Her aunts already know her weakness so everytime they send a balik bayan box or something, there's gotta be shoes in it for her. hehe


  1. wow, ate jen this pair of shoes is beautiful and cute! :) sana may kasya na kay Abi na ganyan LOL!

  2. wow ganda ng shoes,,,,i love it! how much is that? eheh ala b murang ganyan eheh =) pangarap ko bilhan ng madaming shoes anak ko ehehhe

  3. Really nice shoes Jenny. Do they have in Marianna's size?

  4. anu ang mga sizes merun?
    mag kano?
    merun to sa Mindanao?


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