Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Migraine and Strained Eyes

I remember my worst migraine attack few days back, it was so painful that I almost cried and I literally locked myself in my room with no lights on. My head is throbbing in pain near the nape area going up plus near my eyes. The pain was intense that I was sensitive to light too (reason why I don’t want light on) and I felt like throwing up. I controlled myself not to drink a pain killer but it’s just too unbearable that I had to drink 500mg of mefenamic acid and wishing it will take effect immediately after swallowing.

There are times that I experience such together with my eyes being strained. My work requires me to be in front of my computer for about 12 hours or more and I am guessing that contributes to that. Good thing is that I am wearing my reading glasses now or else it could have been worst. I can’t eliminate using computer everyday bec. that is where I earn, I just need to be extra careful or should I say I need to refocus or rest my eyes once in a while.

Although my vision is not that bad because I only use glasses when I need to read something some have persuaded me to wear contact lenses or better yet have a lasik surgery. I guess at this point I don’t need them but for those that can’t live w/o their glasses lasik is one alternative.

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  1. tama ang ginawa mo, magkulong sa kwarto na madilim yung walang ingay at di ka nag iisip..kaya lang tila di mo kinaya kase uminom ka rin ng pain killer..


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