Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Bro's Jackson 5 LPs and Michael Jackson BAD CD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usPROJECT 365: Jackson 5 LP albums
I saw 3 Jackson 5 LP collections of my older brother. Actually my bro is into buy and sell of LP records and when Michael Jackson passed he already has no intentions of selling it anymore. LP collectors are sometimes Jackson 5 and other Michael Jackson LP. Too bad he already sold an old Michael Jackson LP before he died, it should be in our collections too.

This BAD CD is a collection of my brother and one night when MJ just passed away, we listen to his songs. Have you collected any of his albums?

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  1. i think its one of those CD collection na kelangan meron ka, classic na siya di ba.

    Dito out of stock na ang mga MJ album. Pero, come to think of it- do we really have to wait for someone to die to be able to really appreciate his work. hmmm, makes me think.

    Happy Thursday!!


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