Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Temporary Walls

Renting a place these days is costly especially that each year owners increase the rental fees. There are times people can’t cope anymore with the rent costs. I’m pretty lucky that I am not renting a place for my store and we have our own house. I can just imagine those that are renting in apartments or condominiums. I reckon they need to have a steady income so that they will be updated in paying their rent.

How much more if you are renting in major cities like in NY City? A small space can have a hefty rent. Some young professionals can’t really afford that so they allow others to share with there place but sometimes they lose their privacy already. One of the best options that they can do is to put pressurized walls. Temporary walls are walls used as dividers and don’t require any nails or screws thus making it easy to remove if not needed anymore. You can seek the help of City Wall NY to install it for you and they will customize it for you like painting it with color that is exactly the same with the existing one. They can make T-shaped walls, L-shaped walls and more. Check them out if you need one.

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