Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Embarrasing Experience !

Hahahaha i still could not forget what happened to me last Saturday!

Around 4 pm we have a meeting for the forthcoming 25th High School Silver reunion in December. I only left my shop around 4:30 pm and when i rode the jeepney my sandals' strap loosened. I thought it was just minor boo boo so I didn't mind it but still I got a bit worried. Finally, I reached the destination and oh my gosh right after I went down the jeepney, the strap of my left sandals finally went off. Eeeeekkkkkkk... What to do? what to do?

How can I walk with only one sandals??? Argghhh this is so embarrassing, people are looking at me!!!. I literally have to drag my left leg with my broken sandals on so I can reach the nearest sidewalk store who sells slippers. I also have to stop while walking because I look like I have an idiot ...LOL.

Finally I saw a shoe repair stall and have my sandals fix but it will take minutes for the rugby to get dry. Oh no.. I am running late at our meeting. Good thing is that I saw another stall and just bought a rubber slippers. That saved my day! I still have my sandals fix and I was able to get it just last Sunday.

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