Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Lost Hundreds of Photos !!

Talk about being unlucky once again! My other back up desktop computer acted strange one day and I blamed it to my nephews who uses it to play online games. I always told them NOT to download any other games, files or play with the settings or else I will get angry and will not let them use it again. They did not follow my instructions so a nasty virus attacked it.

The pc run so slow that I already hate using it. Not quite sure what virus was in the system because it even disabled my antivirus and the worst thing is that MS Office is not working as well. I have no option but to reformat the pc. Arghhhh..

I transferred all the files at the D section of the computer before proceeding to reformat it. Reformatting was successful, I have also installed some of the drivers. I went back to the D section only to find out that I missed transferring one folder of our precious photos!!!!!! Wahhhhhhh. I was angry at myself. I know I transferred all of them there, but I can't find some of photos we have since 2004 or 2005. At that time, I wish I had an online storage so that in accidents like this, I have still have a back up. I asked friends if I can still recover it but it looks like that I can't already because the pc is already reformatted.

Lessons learned. Back up your files. Now I also have an external hardrive.

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