Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Worst Migraine Ever!

I dunno but my headache started before leaving for church this morning. It was still bearable that time so I am not whinging about it. I think it got worst when after lunch I was photographing my nephews and nieces for my Photo-A-Day project. It was so hot that afternoon and I am guessing it contributed to my headache plus I was in front of my pc for few hours too.

We went home at around 2pm and that time I can feel so much pain in the back of head going towards my eyes. It was unbearable so what I did was to go to my bed and just sleep. I did nap for an hour but pain is still there. I feel like my head was about to burst and feel like I want to throw up so I have no choice but to drink a pain reliever. I took 1 500 mg of Mefenamic acid and I almost cry because the pain is still there. I am glad that the pain subsides after an hour or so that is why I am up now and blogging again hehe. It made me think those that have brain cancers that suffers so much pain.

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  1. refrain from coffee and chocolates muna.. i read in one health magazine that they trigger migraines.. syempre heat din..

    or maybe your eyes.. baka you need to wear specs na.

    Happy Monday!


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